Shading With Cosmetics, Part II

In the first installment of this series, we covered the basics of purchasing the proper tones to use in shading your face. In this segment, we will cover good application practices.

Depending on your make-up, you may desire to start with either the middle color or the darker color. Experiment with both. The important thing to remember is that the darker option is used to recede. First, apply it where the forehead meets the hair, underneath the chin, and down the throat a bit (imagine where a natural shadow would be created.) Go along the lower portion of the jaw to soften that edge. For most people, shading beneath the cheekbone is another important step.

Next, the shading should extend from the temples to the eye and along its crease. Finally, it should extend down the sides of the nose to beneath the tip. Many people prefer to use this shading to thin out their noses a bit.

When it comes to highlights, it is basically the area down the center of the face that is to be brought forward. The highlight color should be applied to the center of the forehead and blended out. Down the middle of the nose is another crucial area. Less crucial is the area at the upper peak of the lips. The chin should also receive a little highlight where light would naturally hit it from above and to the front.

Highlights on the brows, right beneath the eyebrows, will open up the face. Lighten just above the cheekbones for more definition there as well. The lighter color should be extended from there down to meet the peak above the mouth in a soft triangular shape.

How much of what to use and where will vary depending on whether a person wishes to shorten a longer nose, hide a double chin, add definition to the cheekbones, or any of a number of subtle alterations. The important thing to remember is to keep it soft and subtle as well as even for a natural look.

Also, if you are planning on having pictures taken, it is wise to extend the make-up down your throat to cover however much of your upper body is visible. Make-up can affect the reflection of a person’s face on camera. If your neck and shoulders do not match, it will appear as though your face is unnaturally pasted on in pictures.

Shading With Cosmetics, Part I

Cosmetics have been used to enhance human appearance for thousands of years. In fact, their history extends back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece. Not only do they promote visual enhancement, many also work to create softer skin and a more pleasant scent.

With such a rich and wide history, it is no wonder that many standard and staple practices have developed in the realm of make-up.

One such standard is that of facial contouring. Other terms for this include “shading” and “highlighting.” Basically, it involves the use of dark and light colors to effectively sculpt the face. This works in the same way that a painter may use shading to create realistic depth within a painting. The lighter colors will come forward while the darker ones will recede.

Of course, for our purposes, the face is the canvas while the cosmetics are the paints.

Just as painting methods vary, there is a lot of variation when it comes to shading techniques. The right approach will be influenced by such things as the layout or structure of the face and simple personal preference. For that reason, it is important to set aside some time to experiment with creating the desired look. Trying to incorporate it immediately into your daily schedule will encourage both delayed and disastrous results.

In addition to that precaution, there are a few other crucial and preparatory steps. These include starting out with a clean and moisturized face, having one’s hair pulled back and out of the way, and choosing a mirror which reflects the full face. Remember also that the face should be evenly lit up from the front before starting. This is to ensure that the make-up is evenly applied.

Those who use make-up will have their different preferences for brands and types. The way these materials interact will affect the order in which they should be applied. In general, however, a person will be working with three different colors of cosmetics. Most make-up users will already have a mid-tone one which matches the natural color and shade of their skin. When it comes to contour shading, younger people with healthy, even skin may not feel the need to use a base color.

The other two necessary colors are one for shading and one for highlighting. For a more natural look, keep the first within two or three shades darker than the skin’s natural color. Really pale skin and really dark skin may look unnatural with such a jump. For those situations, it is wise to keep the shading color only one gradational step away.

The highlight color can and should have a greater distance to the mid-tone than the tone for shading- But it still should offer only a subtle difference on the skin. It is important to remember that, if you desire a natural look, all of these cosmetics should be flat as opposed to having a shimmer, satin, or shine finish. Now that the basics are covered, part two will discuss application.

Choosing a Perfume That Works For You

Most women absolutely love perfumes. Many have their favorite scent from the famous Chanel Number 5 to Estée Lauder’s Beyond Paradise or Calvin Klein’s Euphoria. There are some perfumes that are meant for day wear while others are meant for the evening or night. But despite all the varieties and endless concoctions of scents on the market, sometimes women are baffled by the fact that a perfume smells much different on them than it did in the bottle. Or how it smelled on a friend. The question is why? Follow along as we give you a few answers to help you to understand this strange phenomena and how you can choose a fragrance that is all your own.

First of all, it’s important to remember that many of these fragrances are very delicate in nature and in composition. It’s very important that you keep your perfumes in a cool, dark location once you take it home and you open the bottle. Fragrances can be easily affected by extreme temperatures or by sunlight. Sunlight and high temperature can easily upset the chemical balance of your perfume and change or even ruin the original smell, without you realizing it.

Secondly, it’s important to realize that perfumes will actually smell differently on the skin of different people. Perfumes mix with the natural oils and acids on your skin and, since each person is unique, the way the perfume reacts on the skin will be unique for each person. And each fragrance you try on in the store will react differently to your own unique body chemistry. This is an important point to keep in mind as you try out each new perfume. Always give yourself about 10 minutes to let the scent react with your skin. Don’t rush it. Let the perfume and your body work together to give you a true reading on how the scent will work for you.

Sometimes women also find that a perfume that seemed to work well for them at one point has started to smell differently after a period of time. You need to realize that there are other body chemistry factors that can come in to play that can actually change how a perfume reacts on your skin. Diet,for example, can play a large role in the differences you detect in a fragrance you wear. Eating too much garlic or too many onions can create a problem for people who have a tendency to have these foods come through their pores. Having onion or garlic mix with your perfume can definitely change the smell. A diet that is high in fat, or a spicy diet, can actually increase the intensity of a perfume due to the change in body chemistry that shows up in the essential oils of your skin that mixes with the perfume. A return to a previous diet may return your previous favorite scent.

You also have to realize that hormonal changes in your body will show up in your skin chemistry as well. Going through puberty, menopause or even pregnancy can easily change how a perfume reacts on your skin. Health problems like diabetes can create skin problems and changes in your natural oils that will affect your favorite scent as well. Even the variations and changes in blood sugar levels that a diabetic goes through will in turn effect a perfumes scent. Even a small change such as having dryer skin then you normally have can easily effect the scent you wear as the essential oils in the perfume will be absorbed into your skin and change the composition of the fragrance left behind.

There is really nothing to be worried about health wise in any of these cases, but it’s good to know why your favorite perfume doesn’t seem to smell the same as it once did. Or why a certain fragrance that everyone else enjoys doesn’t seem to work on you. Each and every one of us is a unique individual, with differences in the natural oils and acid composition that we have on our skin. Body chemistry and health may also play an integral role in how a particular perfume reacts on a woman’s body. Just take your time. Find a fragrance that works for you and your body chemistry and you will have a unique scent that is all your own.

Ladies Perfume Guidelines

Ladies perfume has long been used for the power to attract men. If you have ever worn a good perfume, perhaps you have received comments on how good you smell, and been questioned on what kind of perfume you are wearing.

Did you know that some studies reveal that the power of scent will make a longer impression than simply visual impression? Perhaps this is why we keep our boyfriend’s t-shirt to have his scent when he is away. This may also be why an ex’s cologne will keep us from talking to men who wear the same scent if we meet them out – smell is powerful.

While it is important to look your best when trying to attract a mate, the pheromones found in ladies perfume are an important factor in attracting the opposite sex. The power of scent is important to all species, and perfumes employ this power to not only make a woman feel sexy, but to draw men to her.

There are certain things to consider when selecting a perfume, however. Each perfume will react differently with different skin types, and ladies perfume also conveys distinct messages. Buying a perfume just because you liked it on a friend does not necessarily mean it will smell as good on you, so try it first.

Ladies perfume also comes in two distinct categories – daywear appropriate, and night time perfumes. Have a choice of both so that you will be prepared for every occasion to make you feel sexy and confident. Depending on your personality, find the perfume that reflects the authentic you. Scents can convey an overt sexy smell, more subtle scents, playful and young, or flirty. Daytime scents should be more subtle, while it’s OK to go a little strong for an evening out.

Ladies perfume is also seasonal. Consider scents with citrus or floral undertones for the hotter season, as they will have a better reaction with the weather. Muskier and woody smells are more appropriate as it gets cooler outside. Don’t feel overwhelmed with these rules; it frees you to add to your ladies perfume collection so that you never tire of one scent.

When buying ladies perfume, you really do get more for less when you buy quality perfumes. Cheap perfumes have fillers, and will fade through the day or night. A name brand perfume should last all day with just a dab to the neck and wrists.

While perfume is believed to attract the opposite sex, perhaps it really works by making us as women feel sexy. When we splash on that little bit of scent, perhaps that gives us the boost in confidence that we need to make us feel the part. Our attitude and confidence is just as important as the looks and our scent.

Having the complete package is important. Women spent hundreds of dollars every year on ladies perfume, and it has long been a staple as a romantic gift. Have fun exploring the different scents.

Make a fun date with a girlfriend to go smell the samples at a perfume counter, spray a favorite on and see how it works on your skin. Once you have a couple of favorites picked out, shop online to find the best price on your favorite scents.

The History of Perfume

Have you ever wondered how perfume was discovered and who were the ones who discovered that you could extract scent from living things and put it into a bottle? Well, if you wondered, here are some quick answers.

For one, the word perfume is a Latin word ‘per fumum’ (not parfum, as one would have assumed, unfortunately) and it seems that the history of perfume goes way back to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. The Romans and Persians were big on using and making perfume too; the Indians, however, had their own way of making perfume…burning incense. Unsurprisingly, the first person to ever ‘discover’ perfume is a woman named Tapputi from Mesopotamia. From one nation to another, it passed on until it came to the hands of Europeans who learned it from the Hungarians – the Europeans has been introduced to what we commonly known as ‘modern perfume’ today. It contains essential oil and alcohol solution and first bottled late 1300’s. The Europeans then called it ‘Hungary Water’….I know, how apt.

France then took on the new discovery full force because they know NOW that scent can bottled up and used.

The first official and commercial form of perfume came in the 16th century worked on by two French, Catherine de’ Medici and Rene le Florentin and they did it via the most secretive manner possible – a secret underground passageway! There was turning back now….during the Renaissance period, perfume was only worn by the rich and famous. No peasant can ever afford to wear perfume. From then on, the French and some other European nations grew their raw materials on their own. Aromatic flowers and plants were grown in order to fuel the ever-growing demand for perfume.

There is a link between perfume-making and aromatherapy and both are related because they make use of the natural scent of flowers and plants to motivate, inspire, calm, relax, attract and cause a stir in society. The scent emitting from a bottle of perfume can be so powerful that it, literally, makes people feel attractive and young all over again.

Perfume is, indeed, an incredible bottle of magic.

Mesmerise Your Environment With the Right Fragrance

A good perfume can always be the sole attraction anywhere. An odd odour is always an unwanted thing whereas a good smell generally plays as a turn on for many. Perfumes are an important aspect in your life, with every individual the choice may differ but then it is seen that a good scent is always a preferred. There are various reasons why one uses perfumes. The best things that many people prefer as giving an ideal gift is a good bottle of fragrance which can make somebody’s day.

Perfume the best way to please and make someone feel happy:

If it’s your girlfriend birthday and you are pondering what to gift her? Then there is a good option as what can be more interesting and tempting then a perfume gifts. Perfume and a damsel is a perfect combination as both spell the sense of beauty in the surrounding. There are various types and brands so you can use the one which you like the most.

But never be under the wrong notion that it is something which is preferred by women only as nowadays where the concept of metro sexual man is prevalent you can see a great demand for body mist among the gents growing as well. The fact is that we all want to look fresh and smell good, so the best is to have the right perfume with you. There are various categories of perfumes like:

Earthy aroma
Natures aroma
Flowery aroma
Fruity aroma
Beach aroma etc.

Moreover, it is seen that it differ from person to person as what they choose as the fact of individual difference. On the other hand there are various brands which you can select at your own choice. In this category, you can cite the example Surfume of Australia. It is a very alluring one as it has different types and you can enjoy it in reasonable rates. Moreover, the best thing about it is that you can buy surfume perfume online. Thus, it has made it easier to learn about the variety and you can easily place your order and avail it.

The different types of surfume are as follows:


These are the few samples but the main thing is that they are specially meant for the beach goers. It has the earthy aquatic aroma which can mesmerise anyone. It has different enchanting scents which can really take your heart away, so if you planning a outing in a beach then nothing can be more interesting then it. So, have a great aromatic beach holiday with their Australia and have fun to the core.

Wear Perfume Like a Pro!

Here a few simple tips, from some of the pro’s in the fashion and modeling industry on how to apply your perfume so that it lasts all day!

1. Put It On Early. Give your perfume time to fully develop by applying it at least an hour before going out to give the fragrance time to blend with your own skin’s oils.

2. Layer the Fragrances. Use soaps and creams in the same scent as your perfume. If worn together the fragrance will last twice as long! Most stores will sell a complete line of products, including soaps, creams, and different moisturizers, in the same fragrance(s).

3. Seal the Scent. If you are using a scented moisturizer in addition to the perfume, apply the perfume first. This seals the alcohol in closer to your skin and as it evaporates the cream will “trap” the essence of the perfume fragrance.

4. Start With Your Feet. If you are wearing some cute strappy sandals, heels or open shoes, put a little perfume on the soles of your feet. As you walk, the friction will warm your feet and the scent will float upward. (Note: this does not work for closed shoes.)

Watch Your Jewelry. Be careful to not apply your perfume on or near costume jewelry. The alcohol in it can strip off the coating, or an oily build-up could be left on the jewelry. Put your jewelry on after you’ve applied all your perfume(s).

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Self Acceptance – Lessons From My Hair Affair

For our diet and, indeed, in every aspect of our lives, we must remember to relax from the demands of the unrealistic ideal. For those trying to lose weight, you cannot be the Barbie. For those lifting weights, you cannot be the Governor of California. Accepting this principle first, can give you the peace of mind to love what you do have, lower frustration, and actually make weight loss easier in the long run!

A few years ago while driving to the drugstore I watched a family walk across the street. There was a woman who appeared to be in her 70’s with a thick mass of black hair flowing down her back. Next to her was another woman 40ish with a thick mass of black hair flowing down her back. And walking with them, a teen with a thick mass of black hair flowing down her back, and alongside her was a girl about six years old with a thick mass of black hair flowing down her back.

The teen was pushing a pram. I craned my neck and observed a tiny baby tucked inside – no there was no flowing mass of black hair. But I could see little black tufts starting up and I was willing to bet what that would look like in the future.

I drove on to the drugstore feeling a bit gloomy. When I got to the store, I saw rows of hair beautification products. Products to pump up the volume, smooth, curl, add bounce. I had tried many of them in the past with maybe some improvement but not much. What I really needed was more hair. If any of those ladies walking would give me just a little bit of their hair I would really benefit and I doubt if they would miss it. I have baby fine blond hair. The kind that wilts in the heat, hangs limply in the rain and loses its style quickly.

Later that week, I happened to catch the talk show Maury. Women were on the show complaining about their hair. One young African American lady caught my attention. About 14 years old, she had wiry black hair. It sprouted out from her head and went all over the place. She cried as she told Maury that she had not had a comb in her hair in years because it got all tangled. I was shocked as she told Maury that insects landed in her hair and stayed there. And I thought I had problem hair.

After watching the show, I started thinking about my hair and instead of viewing it as a problem I decided to focus on the assets. OK my hair was very fine… but that meant a couple minutes with the blow dryer was all it took to dry it. My hair grew very slowly… but that meant I saved money when I got highlights because it took them forever to grow out. Also I would never have to pay for an “UPDO” because there was not enough hair to do up!

I thought about my struggle to have long hair. My dream hair was a long, shiny mane. I had given that idea up long ago and decided to settle for a chin length bob. But that wasn’t working out either. My hair looked flat and drab.

It was the same with my fingernails. I wanted medium length nails but nail products and calcium weren’t producing results. Right then and there I decided to ACCEPT what I had and work with it to make life SIMPLE and ENJOYABLE. Instead of fighting my genetic code I would work with it.

Next stop the hairdresser. I had my hair cut off to a very simple bob that hit just below the ear. On “good hair days” I could wear it over the ear. And on bad ones or when I got caught in the rain, I could slick it back behind the ear. Highlights to give it body and more shine were added and I purchased products that while they don’t work miracles they were suitable for my hair.

Next I threw out all my nail hardeners. They might work for other people but they weren’t working for me. I filed my nails down to a simple, blunt length. I purchased a very good file and a chamois buffer. If I paint them I will use clear or a pale pink. But usually they are just buffed to a healthy glow. No more struggle with the nails. Wow!

It’s amazing how good it feels and how much simpler our lives become when we accept what we have and work it to our advantage. Think about what you have, that you struggle to change. Is it something you can change or is it something that you can’t. Life is so much easier when you work with what you have.

Indeed, no one is going to mistake me for the Breck Girl or the lady in the Herbal Essence Shampoo commercial. But that’s OK because I enjoy my hair and nails now and that’s what matters!

Choosing A Perfume

The choice of fragrances and scents seems to grow wider every day, as manufacturers fight for our attention and try ever harder to distinguish their offerings from the competition. With such a selection to choose from, how does one even begin to know where to start when it comes to buying perfume?

Broadly speaking, all perfumes fall into one of six different categories based on their dominant top notes. Different categories will suit different people or occasions.

Earthy or woody type perfumes evoke smells of the forest, and are usually very refreshing. They often tend to appeal to the older generation, and may make ideal gifts.

Oriental fragrances use strong spicy scents, and are ideal for special social occasions, but be cautious giving them to anyone you don’t know well – these intense perfumes can be a very personal choice.

The so-called “greens” are much lighter than the orientals, and are well suited to more casual wear. Because they make a less dramatic assault on the nose, they are also safer to give as gifts!

Modern “oceanic” fragrances are becoming more and more popular, particularly among younger people who appreciate the intense but often quite unusual scents, which instantly bring to mind seaside scenes. Naturally these are an excellent choice in the warmer months when thoughts turn to holidays.

Spicy fruity perfumes are also a good warm-weather choice, and can be a good all-round choice for the woman who wants to wear something with some traditional base-notes but is a little different to the classic floral scents.

Finally, those classic floral fragrances are suitable for almost everyone and any occasion. But be wary of cheaper brands; this most feminine of all the main groups works best when the ingredients used are of high quality, and that means less expensive brands can smell exactly that.

Ultimately, choosing a fragrance is a very personal choice, and many women prefer to stick with what they know and buy the same thing year after year. But by trying different fragrances from the same group as your favourite smell, you may just discover a new gem.